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Your webpages and content need to be optimized to Google's search algorithm. This means that each keyword a page is targeting should be used in the title tags, header tags, URL slugs, internal links, and body text. Optimization is not limited to optimizing for only keywords. You also need to ensure that your page titles and meta descriptions are the right length.

Correct Title Length Percentage

35% Data results here.

Contains Meta Description Percentage

58% Data results here.


Technical SEO is one of the more complex and developer-heavy areas of SEO. There are a myriad of technical factors that are centered around Google's ability to access and crawl your website and properly render pages quickly and properly.

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User Experience

Recently, Google's algorithm has become more adept at accurately assessing a website's user experience for humans (not bots). Your page load speed, usability, and mobile friendliness are some helpful indicators for what the user experience on your website is like.

Desktop Page Load Speed

52. Data results here.

Mobile Page Load Speed

51. Data results here.

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