Paid Search Service

SEO is your long game for sustainable growth, but PPC ads can be a profitable avenue for short-term lead generation if produced and executed correctly. Depending on your overarching strategy, paid search marketing may make sense as part of your monthly SEO service bundle.

Countless businesses waste serious cash on ads that fail to produce substantial ROI, a mistake that happens for a number of reasons. First, ads must be expertly targeted to the right people, times, and locations. They must be optimized for keywords, meticulously tracked, and sometimes altered if data analysis points to a necessary pivot in strategy.

At Sure Oak, we handle the ins and outs of search engine marketing for you, provided it makes sense to your overall SEO strategy. We can launch and manage a lucrative multi-channel campaign (Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) by effectively:

  • Aligning keywords to customize user experience and draw people to purchase
  • Using analytics to unearth customer behavior and find out which ads drive the most traffic and revenue
  • Optimizing ad rank through quality and extensions
  • Scheduling ads for specific times and locations
  • Leveraging Google Ads automation tools for reporting and tracking

PPC ads in conjunction with a long-term SEO strategy can be a great way to generate leads and revenue in the short term. Stop wasting money on Google Ads and let us tailor a PPC campaign that makes sense for your business and your bottom line.

Tom Casano and Logan Palmer

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