Internal Linking Service

Internal links are very similar to backlinks. However, backlinks are links between two different websites, whereas internal links are links provided between pages on the same site.

The link structure of your website is critical for your SEO because it dictates the importance of its pages. A proper internal linking strategy can substantially increase your ranking power because:

  • It helps users to easily navigate the website by providing relevant content through links that can be followed. This sends signals to search engines that your website is great, since it provides a good user experience (UX).
  • It helps search engines understand the structure of your website, how different pages interact with one another, and which pages are truly important within the website structure.

Although internal linking can be arduous due to the need to manually implement across all key pages of the website (if there are hundreds of thousands of pages this can be time consuming), it continues to be a vital piece of any optimization strategy. That’s why we take this ranking factor seriously as part of our holistic approach to bring our clients online success.

Tom Casano and Logan Palmer

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