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Check Your Page Authority

Looking to compare your home page’s search engine ranking to your competitor’s? What about the ranking of two pages on your website? Now you can with our free Page Authority Checker.

What Exactly Is Page Authority (PA)?

Similar to Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority is essentially DA’s younger sibling.

Whereas Domain Authority is used to track the overall strength of a domain, Page Authority checks the strength of a specific page on a website’s domain.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, Page Authority is used to focus the power of an individual page on a website (i.e. a piece of content you’ve spent hours optimizing or when performing competitor analysis to determine the strength of a competitor's landing page).

This allows you to find out exactly how much more authority, in terms of ranking signals, need to be pushed toward the particular page to outrank competitors.

Like the Domain Authority score, Page Authority is also out of 100.

How To Use Our Page Authority Checker?

Although competitor analysis can sometimes seem difficult, our tool makes it much simpler.

Simply enter up to 20 URLs of your choice and click submit. These URLs can be anything from an article or product category page to your homepage.

After a few seconds, your results will be displayed to the right under a column labelled ‘status’, with a number scored out of 100.

These results can be viewed right in the tool or downloaded to a CSV spreadsheet for additional analysis.

Now that you’ve received your URL’s page authority, you may be wondering how to interpret it.

Since Page Authority is most commonly used to determine the strength of internal pages and articles, it’s much more difficult to increase than a Domain Authority.

Therefore, pages with a PA score of 50 or more are seen as the most authoritative and most likely to rank highly.

How Can You Improve Your Page Authority?

Although Page Authority focuses on the total strength of the page in question, rather than the entire website, improving it requires using the same 200+ Google ranking factors as Domain Authority. The factors that are most important in this instance, however, are backlinks, content, and user engagement signals.

Therefore, if you want to improve the PA score of any page across your website, you’ll need to focus on creating the best resource for your targeted keyword. This process may involve checking the authority score of your top performing competitors within the search results and analyzing the best for the number of backlinks pointing to the page, the number of words on the page, and the number of social shares.

Having these stats as a benchmark will put you in a good position to determine how much you need to improve to compete with your competitors.

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