Proposal for the Scholarship Strategy

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See The Case Study


Creating and Awarding a Scholarship

In order to execute the scholarship strategy effectively for SEO and to increase your site’s rankings, we are going to first create a real scholarship that you will be awarding once each year to an eligible student who is enrolled in an undergraduate program for any major.  The award amount is for $1,000 or more, and awarded only once per year.  That payment goes to the winning student directly (not to Sure Oak or anyone else) and is another minor investment to keep in mind while creating this scholarship.


Scholarship Creation and Setup

estimated time to complete: approximately 1 week

  • eligibility requirements
  • application requirements
  • essay question and writing topic
  • submission instructions and required information for submission
  • deadline and winner announcement dates
  • privacy policy and terms and conditions
  • why the company is excited to offer a scholarship
  • consulting as needed

Monthly Backinking Campaign from Universities

  • approximately 40 hours of prospecting and outreach every month
  • 5 to 10 or more university backlinks every month
  • research and prospect for new universities that link out to external scholarships
  • find the right contact person within the university who will share the link to the scholarship
  • call universities to find the right contact person and share scholarship details
  • email new universities to promote the scholarship
  • email existing network of universities that have linked to scholarships
  • follow up with universities who have not responded or shared the scholarship
  • track correspondence with universities and status of progress
  • track backlinks and verify links
  • report all links acquired


Limited to contract with only 2 new scholarship clients per month