Price-Shopping? You’ve Come to the Wrong Place

The Real Dangers of Cheap SEO

When to Price-Shop

If you’re price-shopping for SEO, I give you my blessing.

There are many places where it makes sense to price-shop, especially in commoditized markets. If you’re choosing between toilet paper products, you should definitely be price-shopping.

If you’re choosing between SEO service providers for your real and well-established business, think again.

Why You Shouldn’t Work With Me

If you want the cheapest option, you shouldn’t hire me.

I only focus on ROI and getting real results for businesses that are already making money or have the capital to invest in growth. If cost is a primary factor for you, then you’ll find 2 options much cheaper than me:

Your Cheaper Options

  1. Freelancers from Southeast Asia (no offense to this subcontinent) who can work for $5/hour and ruin your site with spammy links.
  2. Freelancers from 1st world countries who can work for $500/month and not get you any results.

I am Neither Of Those 2 Options

Moreover, option 2 often claims to be white hat but actually pays for links and uses PBNs instead, putting your business at risk of getting penalized by Google, de-indexed, and getting temporary results that will then be “hit” with the next Google update, like Penugin/Panda.

Sounds terrible for your business, doesn’t it?

What You Get From Me:

A) results-oriented for ROI
B) focused on business growth
C) future proof since it’s always Google compliant
D) safe, risk-free, and 100% white hat
E) the highest quality you can find

Getting Real Growth

Do you want to go with the cheapest options, or do it right and get real results to grow your business?

Take a look at these case studies to see some of the results I’ve achieved:

Case Study #1: 538% Growth in Organic Traffic in Just 2 Months
Case Study #2: 381% Growth in Organic Traffic in Just 5 Months

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