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Google Analytics KPIs, Metrics, & Reporting with Dana DiTomaso

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Digital marketing analytics reporting is crucial. But clients can get confused with the many metrics. Marketing expert Dana DiTomaso explains the difference between KPIs and metrics, and what you should actually be reporting on in this week’s podcast.

3 Keys to Improving Customer Site Experience: Pat Reinhart

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Your customers are experiencing the internet differently. Does your website give them the experience they want? SEO Leader Pat Reinhart explains how to truly solve your customers’ problems with the latest tactics. Hear more on this week’s Sure Oak Podcast.

4 Red Flags You Can’t Ignore: Hiring SEO with Ruth Burr Reedy

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How do you know if you’re hiring the right SEO company? Digital marketing expert, Ruth Burr Reedy, explains the red flags, why guarantees aren’t necessarily good, and what you need to know before you hire. Learn more on this week’s Sure Oak Podcast.

99% of Businesses are Missing This Marketing Strategy with Jay Baer

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Marketing strategist, Jay Baer, knows your customers are your best marketers. Only 1% of businesses have a word-of-mouth strategy, but it can reduce advertising costs by fivefold. Jay breaks down the steps on this week’s Sure Oak podcast.

Fix Your Marketing Sales Funnel and Drive Sales with Sujan Patel

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Sujan Patel knows your sales funnel is broken and how to fix it. He’s a growth marketer whose sales funnels grew six SaaS companies. In this episode, Sujan shares the most common mistakes, how to build your reputation, and how to give value while growing.

Why Rand Fishkin Doesn’t Do Link-Building (The Founder of Moz)

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Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz and biggest influencer in the SEO space, doesn’t do link-building! Rand sits down with Tom on this week’s podcast to discuss his next project, his new book, and his own SEO strategies.