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Brian Dean from Backlinko on Life, Business, and SEO

Working remotely has opened a lot of doors when it comes to having a work/life balance. However, bouncing from one country to the next and keeping a solid work routine can be a challenge. This week Tom Casano chats with Backlinko’s Brian Dean on how to balance life, travel, and business in today’s remotely working world.

Generating Organic Leads on LinkedIn with Deepak Shukla

LinkedIn is a tool we all use to build our networks, but are you using it to its fullest potential? This week Tom Casano talks with Deepak Shukla of Pearl Lemon on how you can use your LinkedIn profile to generate leads and turn those leads into business.

The Future of Voice Search and Actions on Google with Eric Enge

We’ve been hearing it for years: “This is the year of voice.” But will voice search ever actually become the norm? According to Eric Enge, the CEO of Stone Temple, that time is coming, and it’s coming fast. On this week’s episode, Tom chats with Eric about how you can get ready for voice search and what it will mean for your SEO strategy.