Rand Fishkin on SparkToro, Zebras, and Audience Intelligence

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Imagine how streamlined digital marketing could be if search engines could direct you to the websites frequented by your company’s target market? This week, Rand Fishkin chats with Tom about his experiences creating such a tool, called SparkToro.

Copywriting That Resonates and Converts with Chelsea Baldwin

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As logical as humans try to be, we’ve all made decisions based on strong emotional responses. Chelsea Baldwin joins Tom to share how authenticity in B2B copywriting can stir emotions and ultimately help your business see higher conversion rates.

Podcasting for Business Growth: Prospects, Partners, and Influencers with Simon Thompson

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Why should your business start a podcast? This week, Tom interviews Simon Thompson from Content Kite to learn how podcasts connect businesses with prospects, partners, and influencers better than other media.

The Future of Chatbots with ManyChat Co-Founder Mikael Yang

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Does your business connect with customers via Facebook Messenger? Marketers are experiencing an all time low in open rates and CTR’s. Mikael Yang of ManyChat knows the solution. This week, Tom and Mikael discuss how marketers can benefit from messenger chatbots.

How to Solve Your Marketing Data Nightmare with Hailey Friedman

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This week, growth marketer Hailey Friedman shares with Tom how her frustration with old school data-driven marketing techniques led her to discover her true passion: helping marketers make more money. She also provides her favorite marketing tools.

Nailing the Customer Journey to Unleash Your Marketing Potential with Aiden Carroll

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What is the customer journey? This week, Aiden Carroll, a digital marketing trainer and speaker from the Coloring In Department, chats with Tom about his favorite topic: customer satisfaction! After all, conversations about creating a solid customer journey do not come up nearly as often as they should

Brian Dean from Backlinko on Life, Business, and SEO

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Working remotely has opened a lot of doors when it comes to having a work/life balance. However, bouncing from one country to the next and keeping a solid work routine can be a challenge. This week Tom Casano chats with Backlinko’s Brian Dean on how to balance life, travel, and business in today’s remotely working world.