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How will visual image search change marketing?

We sit down with Clark Boyd, digital marketing expert, to dig into Pinterest marketing. We also dig into UX as a ranking factor, site restructuring and repurposing as SEO wins, and not falling into the pun trap of ‘pinteresting’.

SEO and Business Strategy Alignment

A crucial aspect of SEO is really understanding what consumers want and what they’re thinking.

There is no buying audience, success can only be gained from market knowledge. This knowledge is so well-aligned with overall business strategy, it’s being recognized within companies.

“We’re starting to notice that people with SEO backgrounds are starting rise through the hierarchy.” SEO experts are landing CMO and similar positions. Where SEO was in the corner five or ten years ago, now it’s in the spotlight.

Top Ranking Factor

Seeing SEO’s rise in importance, we asked Clark to divulge his top ranking factor.

He cautions: “A lot of things work in tandem. No one expects a silver bullet.” However, he shares his one key factor:

Site experience.

Look at user experience factors such as speed, content, crawlability, indexability, etc. These factors give the audience a better experience and give other sites something to link to.

Speed is a crucial UX factor. It’s easy to identify as an issue, but not easy to fix. However, “sites that improve site speed see a phenomenal growth rate very, very, very quickly.”

The Future of Landing Pages

Clark shares the upcoming technology he’s most excited about:

Dynamic Landing Pages

Close attention to statistics and feedback will improve your site and conversion funnel. The data indicates how to tailor your site’s message to the audience.

Yet, the page itself is static. But a big evolution is coming. “We could arrive at a stage where the whole experience of a website is changed based on how I interact with each page.”

In the future, the CMS itself will be dynamic instead of tailoring over it. Individual and demographic statistics will work with machine learning to develop an exact site experience.

Marketing on Pinterest

Recently, Pinterest has opened up a new form of direct response marketing on their platform. It’s based on the Google Ads model but uses their new visual search technology.

They’ve invested a lot into developing this technology so that it understands the image and related products.

“Google is still at the stage of recognizing images and telling you what it is. Pinterest straight-away knows what it is, and now it’s trying to understand: ‘ok, what else might you like?’.”

Clark gives the example of searching the image of a mug that someone owns. Pinterest will recognize the mug as well as its aesthetic. The Pinterest business account can then offer coasters or utensils that will match well with the mug.

The tools it uses are similar to those in Google Ads, which should help the transition for certain marketers learning how to use Pinterest for Business. While It’s still a new tool, it can open up new revenue streams.

If you’re looking to use paid search on Pinterest or Google Ads, we can help. Sure Oak offers paid search management services to build your campaign and bring customers.


  • SEO skills are directly connected to consumer desires. This alignment means SEO experts are rising up the marketing ranks.
  • Site UX, especially site speed, are crucial factors to tackle within SEO.
  • New technologies in landing pages and Pinterest advertising will change the marketing landscape.


  • Ensure your local listings are cleaned up. Fixing Inconsistencies in names, phone numbers and addresses across locations will get early traffic. (Local SEO is important – Sure Oak can help.)
  • Restructuring the site and repurposing good content for 2017 are low-cost tactics to increase page rank
  • Doing a structure data schema markup will allow Google to better deal with your data, which can be a quick SEO win.

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