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How do you get over 100,000 Twitter followers?

Mike Kawula sat down with us to tell us how. Check out his Twitter profile here with 100k+ followers.

As CEO of Social Quant, Mike understands how to use Twitter’s features to grow a following. While it’s a number game, relevancy and strategy are still crucial.

Social Listening And ROI

Mike first found success on Twitter by simply doing social listening. In 2008, big companies were not paying attention to customer’s feedback and complaints online. This gap created a huge opportunity.

Mike and his growing office supply store would listen to potential customer’s complaints. By responding at the right time, they won big business. One quick response to a frustrated customer’s tweet at a competitor resulted in a $27,000 contract.

Social listening provides big ROI to small businesses. Twitter offers a free platform to engage and connect with potential customers. Growing your followers is not just a numbers game, but needs a strategy to ensure that you’re connecting with your target audience.

Four Tasks To Build Your Followers

Mike explains there are four key tasks to grow your followers:

  1. Optimize your profile
  2. Have a follow strategy
  3. Share quality content
  4. Engaging with people

During the episode, Mike breaks down each of these tasks into manageable, action-oriented items.

Optimizing Your Twitter Profile

Your profile will determine whether or not someone follows you back, so it has to be great. Mike advises it takes less an hour to implement these 5 profile improvements:

1. Have a great Twitter cover:

Think of it like a highway billboard. Within a second, the viewer should understand what you do. This information allows them to make an informed decision to follow you or not.

2. Very good profile picture

“We don’t do business with logos.” Have a current, personal photo as your profile picture rather than a logo.

3. Create a compelling bio

Perhaps it’s counter-intuitive, but Mike says, “never put a hashtag in your bio.” Your bio is searchable and can rank on Google, so it’s important to have keywords, not hashtags. Keep it engaging and educational, but with keywords in mind.

4. Link to your website


5. Pinned tweet

Your Pinned Tweet should speak to the potential follower’s pain point. Offer them something that is relevant to your business and will solve their problem.

Have A Follow Strategy

“If you want to grow your Twitter account, that’s the fastest way to get followers and the fastest way to get ROI.”

A Follow Strategy is essential to gaining the right followers to your brand. Many people don’t like to admit they do it, but Mike explains that all successful brands use one.

It is essentially composed of following relevant accounts, and if they don’t follow back, unfollow them. If you’re following people truly relevant to your industry, a minimum of 10% will follow you back.

Not sure where to look?

Mike offers a quick, repeatable tactic using the Live tweets feature. Search for influencers related to your brand on Twitter. Then, search under Live or Latest. Here, you’ll find the most recent tweets from people who are interested in this field. Follow or engage with them. Doing this 20 times a day could see a 50% follow-back rate to your brand.

If you don’t have time yourself, you can use online tools, such as Social Quant, to manage this process for you.

Share Quality Content

Once you get followers, you need to keep them happy. Get out in front of them by providing quality content.

And it doesn’t have to be your own.

While your own content is best, you can offer value by collecting and curating relevant information available online.

Tweet a lot. If you want real impact, tweet every 15 minutes. Mike worked on a study that revealed that those who tweet 50 times versus 10 times per day actually get 40x more traffic.

Engage With People

Mike gained his first 50,000 followers ““simply by being active on Twitter and engaging with folks.”

Engagement is the “magic bullet.” Good, genuine engagement can see a 10-fold return on investment. Some people spend 10 minutes a day while others spend hours each day engaging. The investment is matched in their account growth.

Introductions, offering feedback, and commenting are simple engagements. Yet, they are essential for establishing your brand as high-value to potential followers.


  • Social listening is an essential tactic for finding new customers.
  • Use a follow strategy that is relevant to your field and product.
  • Engagement is the magic bullet. It will help attract and maintain followers.
  • Maintain followers by continuously providing valuable, useful content.


  • Optimize your profile to ensure new potential followers understand who you are.
  • Tweet a lot. The more you tweet, the bigger the gains.
  • Invest time or in a tool to engage on Twitter every day.
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