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How can you grow your business with social media?

In this episode, Derric Haynie tells us the answer, plus we get to meet his dog, Dexter.
Derric is the CEO and founder of Vulpine Interactive, a social media marketing agency, and he is very passionate about growth marketing. Derric lays out his team’s workflow.

Leverage Your Social Media Accounts

“Success starts with a cohesive growth strategy,” says Derric. How are you going to use social media to grow your company? You can use social media for customer support and to build a tribe of brand advocates.

Before you start executing on social, you should ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Is this an action worth pursuing?
  2. Do I have the budget?

Ultimately, your ROI, which comes in different “flavors” according to Derric, will be a direct result of what you put into your social media budget: time, research, and money.

To find what works for your business, you want to start by testing organic social media posts to see which posts get the most engagement. Start coming up with ideas and testing a lot of posts.
Facebook will then show you how your posts are performing and you can use this feedback to choose which organic posts to put paid promotion behind.

Derric encourages you to try out different styles of post to see what your customer responds to. What gets you the most engagement?

Going Viral

What about viral video marketing?

You can get your video in front of thousands or millions of people, but how?

For any video to have even a chance of going viral, it needs an attention-grabbing intro within the first few seconds. Facebook users scroll through their newsfeed at lightening speed, so if you don’t grab their attention in the first few seconds, your video will never get watched in the first place. No fade in intros, no branding. Grab attention and hook them.

Once you have a great intro, what is going to drive people to share it and tell others to watch it? Target a niche group and share it with them.

Derric says, “Every individual is an influencer.” What can you add to your video that will lead to someone sharing your video and ultimately making themselves look better?

Contagious brands = Passionate fans

Derric’s motto “Building contagious brands and passionate fans” is about being customer-centric, much like Jeff Bezos preaches. Put the customer first, and you will keep and acquire new customers.

By investing in your social media, email copy, packaging, and app, you will lower your cost of customer acquisition and increase your revenue. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise and a huge opportunity for most companies.

And, according to Derric, social media is word of mouth on steroids.

How Derric Audits Social Strategy

  • Vulpine Interactive begins their social media marketing focus on their client’s customer engagement and interaction. They create quality content for the customers to share and repost (and possibly make viral).
  • Social media customer service and chatbots are next on their list. The Vulpine team will manage customer queries related to social media that do not fit in the norm of customer support.
  • Derric and his team will then take a deeper look at the client’s website and retarget if necessary. General management of social media pages will follow.


  • If you’re in B2B, then Twitter is most likely the best social media platform for you.
  • Planning the distribution of a video can matter just as much as the content of a video itself when trying to go viral.
  • People share videos on social media – whether it is something that makes them laugh, cry, feel happy, or feel annoyed – because it makes them look cool!


  • Be patient and focused on where you spend your budget.
  • Get comfortable with more intangible KPIs such as direct traffic and branded searches.
  • Test organically and put ad budget behind what is working.
  • Focus on the key learnings, iterate, and focus your budget.
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