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There can be a lot of mystery behind how Google’s algorithm works when it comes to SEO. On this week’s podcast, Tom chats with Google patent expert, Bill Slawski from Go Fish Digital.

Bill has been a student of SEO since 1996, and more importantly, he has dedicated his time to becoming one of the only experts on Google’s patents. He scours Google’s white papers and keeps up with the patterns and changes in their patents to better understand where SEO is and where it is heading.

In this week’s podcast, Tom chats with Bill about why it is important to study Google’s patents and how some common SEO tactics are not as important as they once were.


“It’s not always positive, but it’s informative.”

There aren’t many college classes on SEO, and there are a handful of tutorials. However, the best place to learn about SEO is from the search engines themselves.

Google is not advertising how they rank searches. They keep these things a secret to keep their search engine from being manipulated.

However, you can get a good idea of what they are doing and where SEO is headed by taking a look at the patents Google has.

It can reveal the factors you need to be taking into consideration.

Google patents are always changing and evolving, and staying on top of what Google is doing will help you know what you need to go to succeed at SEO.


Through his time studying and understanding Google’s patents, Bill has seen Google’s algorithm evolve from a search engine that uses perfect keywords to rank websites to one that can understand hints and context.

Bill illustrates this by saying if there is a movie you want but can’t remember the name of, you can search the name of an actor and one of their quotes from the film to find the movie’s name.

Google has evolved and your SEO tactics need to evolve with it.


Bill encourages a semantic approach to SEO.

With tools like Schema Markup, you can make your website rank higher on Google by creating more rich, optimized content. Schema Markup not only uses keywords, it uses context to allow your pages to appear in more complex searches.


Bill also encourages businesses to do their best to become the authority on their subjects to earn quality backlinks.

“If you create information that people like, they will find ways to link to it.”

Customers and Google are always interested in businesses using organic ways to gain rankings and viewers, and becoming the authority on your subject is just that.

Just be sure to add share buttons to all of your articles.


  • Become an authority on your subject.
  • Google is evolving, and our SEO tactics need to evolve with it.
  • Google is more responsive to an organic, semantic SEO strategy


  • “If you create information that people like, they will find ways to link to it.”
  • Studying Google’s patents is a great way to understand SEO.
  • Schema Markup is where SEO is heading.


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