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The real estate industry has undergone a marked transformation over the past two decades. The internet has changed nearly every facet of real estate transactions; its impact on this industry cannot be understated. Now, buyers and sellers have access to seemingly limitless amounts of information and, as a result, have more choices than ever before.

One of the choices every buyer and seller has to make is who they’ll select to represent them during their real estate transaction. Real estate agents are all vying to get their business and most buyers and sellers will rely on the internet to help them make that decision.

When searching for goods and services online, 75 percent of consumers will do business with one of the top three search results on Google. Your customers are looking for you online. When they do, are you ready? Do you have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for real estate? If you don’t, now’s the time.

“Sure Oak’s SEO strategy and execution grew our organic traffic by 300% in the first 6 months. Our Domain Authority went up by 14 points and we continue to get more leads every month. Trust in Sure Oak and you’ll get extraordinary results.”
Edmund Zaloga, Responsify
“Sure Oak has ranked us in the top 3 positions for our most profitable keywords. Sure Oak actually drives results. They are diligent, focused, and a pleasure to work with. The team is awesome and I highly recommend them.”
Tung Bui, CellWaves
“Sure Oak has the expertise and experience I needed. They are strategic, organized, driven, and no-nonsense. They are a true gem in the SEO world.”
Eva Karalyte, My Visual Brief

What is SEO?

Your goal is to get as much organic traffic to your website as possible. Investing in high-quality SEO is how you do it. Getting lots of people to visit your website sounds simple enough, but positioning your business as one of the top search results is no small feat, unless you harness the power SEO.

SEO maximizes traffic to your website. It’s a collection of tools, tricks, and tips that make your website rank as high as possible (preferably in the top three) on the search engine results pages (SERP).

To do this well, SEO professionals pay attention to Google’s ranking factors — the things that determine placement on the SERP. The goal is to fine-tune aspects of your website and other digital assets so they take full advantage of the ranking factors and achieve high placement on the SERP.

How Can Real Estate SEO Help My Business?

Every agent’s online presence, both on their website, mobile website, Google listings, social media, and more is arguably the most important part of their marketing strategy. But fail to optimize those marketing tools for SEO, and you might as well not bother.

SEO has the power to deliver real results to your real estate business. Here’s how a real estate SEO strategy can take your listings to the next level.

Enhance Local Search

Almost half — 46 percent — of Google searches are for local products and services. Nearly all of your customers will learn more about you and your business online than anywhere else. But without high-impact SEO, they’ll never even get the opportunity.

You see, to learn about you they’ve got to find you. And to find you, you’ve got to have great SEO. The better the SEO, the higher your rank on the SERP. The higher your rank on the SERP, the more likely they are to click, learn, and buy. See where we’re going, here?

Capture Clients on Mobile

More than half of original site visits take place on mobile (60 percent, to be exact). Almost all your customers are finding you online, and more than three out of five of them are using their smartphones to do it. In fact, Google has also employed a “mobile-first index” to rank websites, which means they predominantly consider the mobile version of the website’s content for indexing and ranking.

Amping up your mobile site’s SEO is a critical component to success in the modern marketplace. The better the SEO for mobile, the more likely users are to find you and engage your services.

Gain and Retain

Neglecting SEO, either for current or prospective clients, is risky business. Your current clients could be easily snatched away by an agent with a flashy website with better SEO, and potential clients probably won’t even find you without a solid real estate SEO game.

Competition in the real estate industry is fierce. With a strong SEO strategy, you can easily edge out your local competition — especially if they’ve neglected SEO, themselves.

There’s an endless combination of SEO tools you can engage to become a top-ranking page, but your business is unique and requires a special approach. Here’s Sure Oak’s formula for real estate SEO success.

Why Use Sure Oak’s Real Estate SEO Services?

Our real estate SEO company understands your business. We are fully competent in the specific needs of the real estate industry and are eager to create an SEO plan that addresses the unique needs of your business.

We understand the nuances of the real estate industry and take numerous digital metrics into account before developing a real estate SEO plan. We have a proven process that guarantees success, here’s how we do it.

SEO Game Plan

Results-driven SEO plan specifically geared to the needs of your real estate business. This is our blueprint for your present and future, designed to withstand the tumult of the market.

Tailored SEO Services

Sure Oak has a diverse group of high-impact SEO services, all geared toward driving more organic traffic on your website, but to also increase your leads.

Premium Link Building

Having your content featured on authoritative, industry-leading websites maximizes your SEO and ultimately grows your business.

Consult with Our Real Estate SEO Team

This information is a great place to start your SEO education, but it’s just that, a start. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a high-performing SEO and even the most seasoned professionals can struggle to keep pace with the shifts in technique. No matter how well you execute your SEO, you really need a real estate SEO expert on your side to help you navigate this constantly evolving space.

Our real estate SEO consultants are here to keep a pulse on the most effective SEO strategies for the real estate industry. Sure Oak is dedicated to the success of our clients and we tenaciously pursue excellence in every aspect of SEO. Contact us today for a free SEO strategy review to learn how we can transform your website into a listing machine.

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