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We can’t wait to have you be our guest on the Sure Oak Podcast, hosted by Tom Casano. Your interview will be promoted all week with additional short clips on social media.

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Meet the Host

Tom Casano is the host of the Sure Oak Podcast. Tom has worked extensively in SEO since 2013, trying and testing all of the primary strategies to see what is most effective to boost rankings and organic traffic. Tom spearheaded the success of Life Coach Spotter to 20,000+ unique monthly visitors from organic traffic.

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Some Notable Past Guests Include:

Rand Fishkin
Founder of Moz
Scott Brinker
Scott Brinker
Marketing Technologist
Jay Baer
Digital Marketing Expert
Convince & Convert
Eric Siu
CEO of Single Grain
Single Grain

More Details about the Podcast

  • it is a digital marketing (and growth marketing) podcast
  • it is video and audio
    • please make sure your webcam and microphone/earbuds are working
  • the interview is conducted over Zoom
  • our audience is CMOs, business owners, other digital marketers
  • the show length is about 20 minutes
  • set aside up to 45 minutes so we have time before we record to prep
  • episodes are published weekly
  • we will notify you before your show is published

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