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Landing Page Optimization for Higher Conversion Rates with Nicholas Scalice

Rather than focusing solely on increasing website traffic, Nicholas Scalice suggests that concentrating on improving conversion rates for existing visitors is a smart strategy. Founder of Earnworthy and Landing Page School, Nicholas discusses with Tom the basics of landing page optimization in this week’s episode.

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How To Create An Effective Video Case Study with Ian Garlic

People want to be entertained, so why not captivate them with a story? Ian Garlic, CEO of authenticWEB and Host of The Garlic Marketing Show, tells Tom that an effective customer testimonial video always follows a relatable story.

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Over 100 Podcast Guest Interviews in Under One Year: How Phil Singleton Did It

As with guest blog posts, contributing to an established podcast as a guest can boost your SEO and marketing efforts. Phil Singleton has appeared on over 100 podcasts in under a year and shares tips on how to find podcasts looking for guests.

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The Power of a Purpose-Driven Brand with Curt Mercadante

Why did you establish a brand? According to business coach and keynote speaker, Curt Mercadante, some studies suggest that companies with a solid brand purpose are more successful overall than those focused primarily on turning profits.

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Using Topic Clusters for Effective Inbound Marketing with Doug Kirk

Consistency in posting alone is not enough to turn a profit! Doug Kirk, president of Optimize 3.0, shares about his experience with HubSpot topic clusters for SEO and how others can achieve content marketing success.

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The #1 Link Building Tactic and Why It Works with Jon Cooper

Companies looking to establish authority within their industry and gain greater exposure ought to consider link building strategies. According to link building expert, Jon Cooper, successful link building is about finding what works for you personally.

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SaaS Marketing’s Pirate Metrics for Growth with Jonathan Cronstedt

With a unique set of insightful metrics and a strategy that looks beyond the performance of individual campaigns, the SaaS business model is a comprehensive approach to marketing. Tom asks Jonathan Cronstedt to share what he’s learned as the President of Kajabi, a marketing automation and digital education provider.

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Rand Fishkin on SparkToro, Zebras, and Audience Intelligence

Imagine how streamlined digital marketing could be if search engines could direct you to the websites frequented by your company’s target market? This week, Rand Fishkin chats with Tom about his experiences creating such a tool, called SparkToro.

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