How Sure Oak SEO Helped RnA Reset increase
revenue by $200k from organic visitors

How Sure Oak SEO Helped RnA Reset increase revenue by $200k from organic visitors

How Sure Oak SEO Helped RnA Reset increase revenue by $200k from organic visitors

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Domain authority increase


Increase in organic sessions in six months, year-over-year

Increase in total organic keyword rankings


Increase in new organic users in six months, year-over-year

Number of leads from organic search


More organic transactions in six months, year-over-year

Who is RnA ReSet?

RnA ReSet is an online retailer that specializes in high-quality dietary supplements. The company was founded in 2015 by Dr. Carolyn Dean, a medical doctor, and naturopath who’s published more than 35 books, including “The Magnesium Miracle” which is one of the best-selling Vitamins & Supplements books on Amazon. Dr. Dean’s dietary knowledge and expertise helped RnA ReSet build an extremely dedicated following. Originally, the company focused heavily on its magnesium products, particularly its flagship dietary supplement, ReMag, a liquid form of magnesium that has an extremely efficient absorption rate. The company now offers a full lineup of dietary supplements, such as zinc, potassium and calcium, and even probiotics.

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Working Through YMYL and EAT Google Penalties

RnA ReSet came to Sure Oak for two reasons:

  1. They felt they had hit a wall with their organic search traffic
  2. They believed they had been hit by a Google penalty for violating Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) guidelines

That first problem – hitting a wall with organic traffic – is one of the most common reasons businesses partner with an expert SEO agency. But the second problem – being hit by a Google penalty – takes a particularly high level of skill and experience to turn correct.

Oftentimes, when businesses are hit by a penalty, they’re lucky to even recover the traffic they lose as a result of being penalized. With RnA ReSet, we didn’t just recover what was lost; we brought in more traffic, and we increased their year-over-year revenue from organic search by more than $200,000. We also did it in the middle of an unprecedented, global pandemic.

Getting Results During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our engagement with RnA ReSet began at the beginning of 2020. We were only three months into the campaign when the coronavirus essentially shut down the entire world.

Fortunately, RnA ReSet does not rely on brick-and-mortar stores to sell their products. However, dietary supplements are not covered by health insurance. They are, essentially, a luxury that not everyone can afford. And the people who can afford them are dependent on their disposable income to pay for them. But when the world shut down, millions of Americans and others all over the world lost their jobs, and that required them to limit any unnecessary spending.

We not only helped RnA ReSet weather the storm; we helped them continue to grow and generate 1,200 more organic transactions than the previous year over a 6-month period.

Targeting Unbranded Traffic

Dr. Carolyn Dean had name recognition in the holistic medicine and dietary supplement industry long before she ever founded RnA ReSet. So when she did, anyone who saw her name next to RnA ReSet instantly trusted the brand and became a potential customer.

Like all great brands, this worked in RnA ReSet’s favor, for a while. Eventually, organic traffic flat-lined, and then the website was hit hard because it possibly wasn’t adhering to Google’s YMYL and EAT guidelines. So when we delved in during our initial SEO Game Plan research, we knew right away the website was going to have to target more general keyword phrases, as opposed to branded phrases, in order to achieve long-term results in organic search.

Over the next year, we rolled out an extensive content strategy that included reoptimizing existing product pages, building new pages targeting topics specific to magnesium, and a slew of evergreen pages that users would benefit from forever. The result? Organic sessions increased. Even better, new organic users increased 35 percent year-over-year over a 6-month period.


In order to help RnA ReSet rebuild the organic traffic they lost due to the suspected Google penalty and continue to grow their business during the coronavirus pandemic, Sure Oak laid out a comprehensive SEO strategy from the beginning. It involved several components:

  • Retargeting general keyword phrases, like “magnesium supplement,” on product pages
  • Creating new content that proved to Google and users they were a credible source of information related to dietary supplements and building out pages to help users learn everything they need to know before buying dietary supplements
  • Developing high-quality backlinks to relevant top-of-funnel pages to not only increase the website’s domain authority but also increase its referral traffic from reputable sites

Impressions and clicks increased across the board, and several pages secured spots on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant and valuable keyword phrases.

Below are year-over-year ranking results for both new and existing pages:

URLNew or ExistingKeyword PhraseInitial RankingExisting Ranking for nerve painN/A6 deficiency test online72 between micro and macro mineralsN/A3 magnesium is best for diabeticsN/A16 reviews65

Over the course of the engagement, Sure Oak reoptimized and developed a total of 55 pages on RnA ReSet’s website, including a magnesium FAQ hub page that lives on the main navigation bar and that acts as a gateway to more granular topics, like nerve pain, as they relate to magnesium.


Focusing heavily on improving existing pages and creating new pages paid off. In less than one year, the number of keyword phrases Rna ReSet’s website ranked for increased 67 percent.

Number of Keyword Rankings

Number of Keyword Rankings Graph

Year-over-year, RnA ReSet’s website received 29 percent more organic sessions during a six-month period and performed better nearly every single month.

New Organic Sessions, Year-over-year (6 Months)

Number of Organic Sessions Graph

Year-over-year, 35 percent more new organic users visited RnA ReSet’s website via organic search during a 6-month period and performed better nearly every month.

New Organic Users, Year-over-year (6 Months)

New Organic Users Graph

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Looking to increase your search rankings and get more leads directly from your website?

Accelerate your online presence and lead generation with our results-driven approach to SEO.

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