Adwords Campaign Setup and Management

1. Adwords Campaign Setup (One-Time)


  • Conduct due diligence on your company, industry, competitor landscape, and target customers
  • Consult with your team to understand customer persona and deployment of landing pages
  • Synthesize findings to inform landing page copy and creative, ad copy and creative, and customer personas

Landing Page

  • Produce 2-3 high-quality landing pages
  • Identify platform for hosting landing pages
  • Create content and creative strategy to maximize conversion rates
  • Draft wireframe of landing page layout
  • Write all landing page copy and direct visual development
  • Improve lead aquisition flow for lead generation
  • Setup events and goals in Google Analytics


  • Plan, buy, optimize and report on media buys
  • Setup and configure Google AdWords account for success
  • Setup conversion tracking and integration with Google Analytics
  • Draft ad copy and creative

2. Adwords Campaign Management (Monthly)


  • Track conversion rates and run reports to discover lead metrics
  • Split test to discover opportunities for lower cost per lead
  • Inform creation of new creative, including ads and landing pages, to improve conversion rates and cost per lead

Advertising and Landing Page

  • Discover and implement optimizations within Adwords to reduce cost per lead
  • Split-test landing page variations to drive down cost
  • Create new landing page to test other campaigns
  • Test different sales funnels to convert prospect into a lead
  • Test different technology to capture leads (chatbox, call-tracking, online form)