We’re on a mission to help people live
their most amazing and fulfilled lives.

We believe that with the right support, bold visionaries have the power to make this a reality. That’s why we help purpose-driven organizations achieve remarkable, long-term growth, to make the world a better place to live in.

Through the power of search and technology, we envision a world where all human beings have higher consciousness, an abundance of free time, deep fulfillment, and an overall improved well-being.

Our Core Values

These are our core values that guide us to be better people and work at our best.

Create awesome experiences

Make the most of what matters

Always be the first to give

Seek to improve everything

Be curious and explore often

Our SEO Agency

The services and tools we offer help brands be more visible online, reach more people, help their audiences find what they’re looking for, improve their brand recognition, build sustainable traction, so they can help more customers, increase revenue and continually grow.

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Our Team

Tom Casano, Founder & SEO Specialist

Tom’s Bio

Kim Melillo, Managing Director

Kim’s Bio

Logan Palmer, SEO Consultant

Logan’s Bio

Travis Irwin, SEO Manager

Travis’s Bio

Claire Lomanto, Client Accounts Manager

Claire’s Bio

Bryan Reynolds, SEO Strategist

Bryan’s Bio

Jeff Purcell, SEO Strategist

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Lauren Letsch, Operations Manager

Lauren’s Bio

Andres Aguero, SEO Specialist

Andres’s Bio

Hayley Lowman, Outreach Specialist

Hayley’s Bio

Autumn Shultz, Social Media & Content Manager

Autumn’s Bio

Marvin Magusara, Link Building Strategist

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Bojan Mijatovic, Link Building Strategist

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Ali Walker, Outreach Specialist

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