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We are a full-service SEO firm.

Meet the Team

Thomas Casano
Thomas CasanoStrategic SEO Expert
Tom Casano has worked extensively in SEO since 2013, trying and testing all of the primary strategies to see what is most effective to boost rankings and organic traffic. Tom spearheaded the success of Life Coach Spotter to 20,000+ unique monthly visitors from organic traffic.
Lauren Letsch
Lauren LetschHead of Operations
Lauren is a dynamic and versatile team player with extensive experience in client relations, communication, team leadership, organization, and project management. Lauren heads both Sure Oak’s outreach team and project management.
Andres Aguero Jr
Andres Aguero JrSEO Specialist
Andres is an experienced, high-level SEO with technical expertise and deep on-page knowledge. With a background in web development, Andres is multi-talented with skills in areas of keyword research, on-page optimization, backlink analysis, content planning, and strategy.
Claire LoManto
Claire LoMantoSEO Consultant
Claire works closely with the Sure Oak SEO team to consult with clients about their SEO projects by creating unique plans for each client for the success of their SEO. She enjoys working with people and helping them to accomplish their goals.
Logan Palmer
Logan PalmerSEO Consultant
Logan has a background in client success and partners directly with the Sure Oak SEO Team to create strategic plans for new clients. He works to build strong relationships with each client and strives to help them reach their long-term goals.
Michael Fielding
Michael FieldingSEO Specialist
Having been involved within the Digital Marketing industry since 2010, Michael has a wealth of experience in several areas across the digital spectrum, with a strong focus on SEO. Particularly in: link building, on-page optimization and technical analysis.
Hayley Lowman
Hayley LowmanOutreach Specialist
Hayley is a skilled writer with a service background and has worked on a variety of successful outreach projects. Hayley’s experience with client relations, concise writing, and exceptional organizational skills makes her an integral member of the outreach team.
Ali Walker
Ali WalkerOutreach Specialist
Ali has a marketing and outreach background with a strong desire to reach targets. Ali has versatile skills from projects in writing, customer service, and commerce. Ali adapts well and succeeds at any assigned project.
Rhonda Floyd
Rhonda FloydSEO Project Manager
With a lifelong love of marketing, Rhonda has a wealth of experience in on-page technical SEO, project management, and website content management. Rhonda studied advertising at the University of Oklahoma and enjoys organizing people to reach a goal and helping businesses succeed.

We Believe

We believe in creating real value through SEO, by creating phenomenal content, sharing and outreach, and optimization.

We believe in long-term business growth through search visibility, brand awareness, user experience, and creating real, tangible value.

We believe in doing what is right and ethical, even if it takes more time and resources to accomplish.

We believe that your business wins by helping others find what they are looking for.

We believe in following Google’s best practices and policies to help Google users reach their goals.

We believe in aligning our vision and mission with the values of our clients, Google, and Google’s end users.

“No task too small, no challenge too great.”

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