Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to reach their full potential and live their wildest dreams.

Get excited. It’s time to dream big.

Through the power of search and technology, we envision a world where all humans reach their full potential. We stand with the dreamers and the builders, the visionaries inundating the world with positive impact. At Sure Oak, we are committed to making dreams a reality. We do this by growing businesses.

Our SEO Company

As a full-service SEO company, we build genuine relationships and implement our proprietary SEO strategies to drive the organic traffic that will grow your revenue and take your business to the next level.

And don’t forget personal growth. We’re into that too.

We’re here to empower your business with proven strategies that result in sustainable success, freeing up more time for you to grow in other areas. We believe this freedom is what living a full life is all about.

Our results-driven experts know which of Google’s ranking factors are most impactful and how to optimize for them, while constantly adapting to algorithm changes. Our highly specialized SEO services and dynamic tools can catapult your online visibility to reach more people and more importantly, the right people.

We build the sustainable traction you need to increase your long-term revenue and even better, your freedom. Whatever your goals and dreams are, we can help get you there.

Our Story

Our founder, Tom Casano, built his first website at age 13 with many more to follow. In 2013, he launched lifecoachspotter.com and encountered the same problems as many of our clients — he struggled to get ranked, build organic traffic, and generate consistent revenue.

For three years, the frustration was real. He listened to the experts, did mountains of research, but nothing worked. After arduous experimentation and testing, nothing seemed to click. But he kept digging in, obsessively investing his time and energy and using his analytical and process-oriented mind. It finally happened. He cracked the code.

After Tom discovered his formula of optimizations, powerful link building, and content strategy, his traffic went up 5x in just two months. He had struck gold, having figured out something that generated real growth, something inaccessible from the ‘experts’. From there, Tom knew he wanted to help businesses get the same incredible results from SEO and was sought after as a consultant by multiple organizations who leveraged his skills and thrived. He then brought other talented people on board with the same aim as his, to make people’s dreams come true through powerful SEO. And boom! Sure Oak was born.

Our 5 Core Values

1. Be awesome.

Bring your best self every day and create amazing experiences for everyone you interact with.

2. Maximize your opportunities.

Your life only happens once. So make the most of every moment and every single opportunity you are given, in both your life and your business.

3. Always be the first to give.

We believe that the more you give, the more you will receive. Give first and you will become abundant.

4. Seek to improve everything.

We believe that you can always keep improving, both in your personal development and your professional work.

5. Be curious, explore often!

The more you learn, the better you become, so keep learning and growing! Experiment. Play. Take risks.

Sureoak Team
The Sure Oak Manifesto

Meet Our Team

Kim Melillo

Kim Melillo,

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Logan Palmer

Logan Palmer,
Director of Growth

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Travis Irwin

Travis Irwin,
Director of SEO Strategy

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Ralph Deflice

Ralph DeFelice,
Sr. SEO Strategist

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